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                                     /-Jonathon Avery b 1790
                                   /                             /-Robt Greer
                             /-William Avery b 1828             /
                           /       \-Mary Ann Kelly        /-Thos Greer
                         /                                /     b 1723
                    /-Lorenzo Dow Avery            /Gilbert Dunlap Greer
                   /    \  b 1848 d 1932          /     b 1759
                  /      \         /--Waters William Greer b 1796
                 /         \      /                \Frances Marbury
                /           \-Elizabeth Greer               
               /                  \  
              /                    \--Cynthia Smith   
my G-F-Wm Sirus Avery
            \           /--William Meredith Buckner
             \-Eliza Emerline buckner



According to the stories in our family, the earliest known Avery was JACKSON 
AVERY who came from England with his wife during the 1700's.  He is said to 
have died at the age of 115 and his wife at the age of 110.  

Only one child is said to have been born to them who was JACKSON
AVERY, JR.  Jackson Jr was said to have been born in 1766 in either
Indiana or Illinois but was also known to have married a KELLY of
Scotch descent in Crawford County, Georgia.  She had also been born in

My research has not supported the above stories.  However, my oldest
known Avery relative was Jonathon Avery who did mary a Mary Ann Kelly.

However, volume I, Number II, May 1964 issue of "Georgia
Pioneers" shows that a Jonathan Avery married Mary Ann Kelly in
Crawford, Georgia on April 5, 1827.   A listing of early marriages in
Georgia shows a Jonathon Avera married Mary Ann Kelly on Jan 5, 1827.

Census records indicate that John and Mary Avery lived in Talbot County
on the western side of Ga. 

JONATHON (JOHN) AVERY	(ggg g-f)	MARY ANN KELLY   (ggg g-m)
------------------------		------------------------
b  estimated about 1780-81		b estimated 1805
m  April 5, 1827 Crawford, Ga
d  					d 

				unknown female
				unknown male
				William Avery  (1828 Ga  1913 La)

The 1830 Ga Census for Talbot County, Town of Edward, Roll #20, p 335 shows:

	John Avery	males under 5	2
				30-40	1
			femls 5-10	1
				30-40	1

	(there were no slaves listed)

The marriage records show that Jonathon and Mary Ann married in 1827.  However,
the above census shows a daughter in 1830 that was 5-10 years old.  Either
there is an error in source records or possibly Jonathon had been married

Note that the daughter is missing from the 1840 census.  However, the only
Avery marriage listed in Talbot county between 1830 and 1840 was on 
June 10, 1838 between Joab Harvy and Mary Avery.   I have not yet been 
able to verify whether this bride is the daughter reported in the 1830 census.

The 1840 Ga Census for Talbot County, Roll #51, p 226 shows

	John Avery	males 10-15	2
				50-60	1
			females 40-50	1

	(there were no slaves listed)

Since the 1830 census showed a male 30-40 but this current census only
10 years later shows one 50-60, it appears that he must be about 49-50
in 1840 which would put his date of birth in about 1790.

The 1850 Ga census for Talbot County taken on Sep 4, 1850, roll #83,
page 250 shows:

	John Avery	69 m	laborer		NC
	Mary Avery	45 f			Ga

Although I am certain the 3 above census records are of the same person, 
the age of John is inconsistent.

The above couple apparently had 3 children but the only one of record 
that has been traced is my ancestor WILLIAM Meredith "KING" AVERY.

William Avery  (my gg g-f)          Frances Elizabeth Greer my gg g-m
-------------------------              ---------------------------
b 1828, probably Talbot Cty, Ga		 /b 1828
m 1840's Meriweather, Ga
d 4-19-1913 buried in Ebenezer 		/d 11-23-1907 buried in Mt Paran
      Cemetary, Jackson Par, La		cem, Claiborne Par, La.
					(Claiborne Cems vol II, p 128)

Directions to the Mt Paran Cemetery are as follows:  From RR tracks in
Athens, La take La Hwy 518 west for 7.5 mi, turn right on Will Beck Rd,
Go N for 4.0 miles, Mt Paran Church will be on the left.  The cemetery
is about  .2 miles from the church inside a fenced pasture about 100
yards north of the paved road and located in Sec 30 T 20 N R 8 W from
survey in May 1985.

		------->>Alvie Lorenza Dow Avery      3-10-1848 to 2-5-1932
        	  	 James William Avery          8-14-1850 to 7-4-1924
	          	 Waters Leonard (Babe) Avery  5-30-1852 to 2-4-1926
        	  	 Joseph Marshall Avery       11-23-1854 to 6-25-1924
				(born Haynesville, La, Clai Par just s of Ark)
		         John Maron Avery             6-4-1860 to 9-20-1920

There is a grave marker in Ebenezer, La (just east of Jonesboro) that
is the oldest Avery there.  It shows William M Avery,  born Oct 6,
1810, died Apr 19, 1913.  However, the 1860 census in Columbia County,
Arkansas lists this same Wm Avery with a wife of Francis and children
that match the ones below.  His age was listed as 35 which is not in
agreement with the tombstone but is in more agreement with the marriage
above of Jonathon and Mary Ann Kelly.  I have not yet reconciled the
middle name of "King" with the middle initial "M" on the tombstone nor 
have I been able to document any relationship with the earlier Averys.

Another family story is that William and his brothers and sisters were
crossing a river and they lost all the members of his family except his
father, his great uncle and himself.  His father supposedly died later 
in Georgia leaving William a lone child.  However, the facts do not 
necessarily support all of the story.

I did find a report in Ga Marriages and Deaths, 1820-1830, of an Elisha
Avery who drowned in the Chattahooche river on 1-16-1829.  He had been 
a resident of Augusta a few years prior but was then a Columbus merchant.
That river forms part of the western border of Georgia and Talbot County,
where we found several references to this family.  Columbus is on the 
river at the boundary with Alabama so it was in the vicinity of the
Avery location.  If this Avery was a part of our clan, then the old
story simply could have been overstated.  However, I have no facts to
support or refute the story.

In a book of Marriages and Obituarys from Early Georgia by Hudford, I found
the following extract from the Columbus News-Letter of Feb 24, 1829
telling about this same drowning as follows:

	Drowned:   ELISHA AVERY, Mr Root and Col. Ulysees Lewis
	with eight negroes left columbus for Apalachicola Bay
	in a batteau Friday the 16th.  When about 75 or 80 miles
	down the Chattahoochee river about midnight the boat
	capsized and MR AVERY and four of the slaves were drowned.
	MR AVERY was a native of Connecticut, emigrated to Augusta
	a few years ago when he then moved to Columbus where he 
	had since engaged in the merchandise business.  Feb 7, 1829

The 1850 census shows William Avery age 23 years old and married to
Francis Avery, age 21.  1850 Census, Talbot County, Georgia, Microfilm
Roll #83, Page 511) A son was listed as Alphla, buts was probably Alvie
Loranzo Dow Avery, whose age was 2 in that census as follows:

	Wm Avery	23	m	farmer	Ga
	Francis		21	f		Ga
	Alphie		 2	m		Ga

Francis Avery was born Francis Elizabeth Greer in Meriweather County,
Georgia in 1828.  They must have been married in Georgia.  In the
1850's, the Greers moved to Claiborne Parish, La and Wm and Francis
moved to southern Arkansas just across the state line in Claiborne
Parish, La.



The 1860 census of Columbia County, Ark (Microfilm roll #39, page 61)

        NAME                AGE       SEX       PLACE OF BIRTH

     Avery, William          35        M        Georgia
            Francis          30        F        Georgia
            Lorenza          13        M        Georgia
            James            10        M        Georgia
            Waters            6        M        Georgia
            Marshal           4        M        Georgia
            Synthia           3        F        Arkansas
            John             3/12      M        Arkansas

Waters Avery is buried with his mother in Mt Paran Cem, Claiborne Par, La.
He was apparently named after his mother's brother who was Waters W Greer.

A later 1880 census in Jackson Parish, La lists Wm as age 50 and
Frances as age 49.

The 1900 census for Jackson Parish, vol 17, Ed 50, Sheet 19, line 17
	William Avery   born 1820 Ga
	Francis E Avery born 1828 Ga

It is said that in his later years, William  Avery lived for a
while near Nacogdoches, Texas with his son, Joseph Marshall Avery.

It has been reported in family publications that William Avery became
blind and fell face forward into the fireplace and died of his injuries.

An article appeared in the Jackson Independent newspaper on May 8, 1813:
	died--At the ripe old age of about 100, Bro. William
	Avery fell to sleep at his son Daw's in Jackson Parish,
	La April 19, 1813.  He was born in Maryweather County,
	Ga, and moved to Louisiana in early life.  His wife
	preceeded him to rest by about 12 years.  He leaves five
	sons to mourn his death.  Him and his wife coming from
	Methodist, joined Ebenzer Baptist Church in 1875, being
	baptisted by Bro Wm. McBride.  He was loved by all who
	knew him, and he was faithful to his Master's Will.  after
	appropriate services conducted by the writer, his body
	was laid to rest in Ebenezer Cemetery.  W. T. Stain

-------------------------              ---------------------------
b 3-10-1848 Talbot Cty, Ga             /b 6-9-1851     La
m Sept 29, 1870, Claiborne Parish, La 
d 2-5-1932        Ebenezer             /d 10-29-1908   Ebenezer
	(Ebenezer is in Jackson Parish, La just east of Jonesboro)

      ------------>>	William Sirus Avery	(1871-1943) m Maggie Odom
			Joseph Leslie Avery	(1873-1960) 
			Sarah Frances (Fannie) Avery  (1875-1958)m N R SHows
			Charles Wesley Avery		(died at 2 mos.)
			Alice Lou Ida Avery	(1878-1949) m C J Odom
			Nancy Jane Avery	(1880-1943) 
			Cynthia Ann Avery	(1882-1961) m Culpepper
			John Robert Avery	(1884-1971) m Ola McBride
			Thomas Meridith Avery	(1886-1953) m Ella Puckett
			Benjamin Luther Avery	(1888-1960) m Maude Furr
			Stacy Ola Avery			(1892-1931)
			Joel Herbert Avery		(1895-1944)

It is thought that Eliza's father was Wm Meridith Buckner but he has not
yet been located.  Note that one of her children has "Meridith" as a 
middle name.

	There were probably thousands of children named Lorenzo Dow
	in the 1800s.  They were named after Lorenzo Dow, a prominent
	pioneer methodist born in Coventry, Conn Oct 1777.  He traveled
	extensively throughout the US and Europe during the early
	1800s.  He died in 1834.

The 1880 census for Jackson Parish, La Sheet 37, line 7 shows:

	L D Avery	32	Ga
	Eliza Avery	22 (sh be 29) Ga
	Wm c		 8	La
	Joseph L	 6	La
	Sarah F	 	 4 	La
	Allis F		 3	La

The 1900 census showed the following for Jackson Parish:

	Lorenza D Avery          Mar 1848     52          Ga   Ga  Ga
	 Eliza             W     Jun 1852     47          La   La  La
	 Alice L           d     June 1880    20	  La
	 Nancy J           d     Jan  1882    18
	 Smithy A          d     Nov  1883    17
	 John B            s     Feb  1886    14
	 Thomas M          s     Mar  1888    12
	 Luther            s     Dec  1889    11
	 Stacey O          d     Jun  1893     7
	 Joel              s     Nov  1895     5
	Howard Gathard  White Servant also lived with them 5/1884 Farm Labor

Lorenza and Eliza are buried at the Ebenezer cemetary.  There are 9
children listed above.  William Sirus was born in 1871 and had 
already left home at the time of the above census.  Thus, there was one 
other living child that had also left home.

There was also an "Aunt Fanny" in the family.  She could have
been another one who had left home.  Tressie remembers that
she was buried at Ebenezer, but I do not know any more data.

There were 5 children that had previously died. The Ebenezer cemetary
has the following information:
     a.  Charles W. Avery, Son of L D & Eliza Avery
            born Nov 29, 1876     died  Jan 29, 1977   (2 mos old)

In addition, Stacey O listed above in the census as having been born
in 1893, is shown on a tombstone at Ebenezer cemetary as follows:
    a.  Stacy Avery Doyal
        June 17, 1892
        Nov 12, 1931

There is a grave marker at Ebenezer for Joel Avery, b Oct 25, 1895,
d Mar 18, 1944.  Next to it is his wife's marker for Orlean Avery,
b Dec 14, 1895, d Jan 2, 1984.

Eliza died in 1908.  Thus, she was not present when the 1910 census
was taken.  That 1910 census at page 34 for Jackson Parish shows the 
following about Lorenza and his family:

	   name         relation   age     him   F   M
In Jackson Parish

	Lorenza Avery              60      Ga   Ga   Ga
	Nanny            daug      30      La   Ga   La
	Stacey             d       18      La   Ga   La
	Joel               s       13      La   Ga   La

After the death of Eliza on Oct 29, 1908, Lorenza married a Mrs Odom but
the marriage ended in divorce.  He later married Viola Lunday on 8-6-1918 
who had previsouly been married to a Joe Warren.  She died on 12-9-28.  
There were no children born of either of those marriages.  Viola died
on Dec 9, 1928.  Lorenza later died on Feb 5, 1832 at the age of 84.

The 1910 census in Jackson Parish shows the following
about three of Lorenza's sons:

	John R Avery              26       
	  Ola              w      21
	  Lorenza          s       3
	  Edgar            s       1 1/2

	D Luther Avery            21
	 Maud              w      15
	 Charlie C         s       6 mos

Meridith Avery    (this must be Thomas M listed in the orig list)
	 Ella              s      19
	 Caddie            d       1 9/12

-------------------------              ---------------------------
b 8-25--1871 Ebenezer                 / b 12-21-1867
m 11-13-1892, Jackson Par, La 
d 11-13-1943  Longview, Texas         / d 9-24-1955   Longview, Tex

	(they are both buried in Section H of Memory Park just 
	 east of Longview on Hwy 80 and just beyond the county
	 line for Gregg County)

                                        W Oliver Avery		1893-1956
                                        Mammie J Avery Poole	1896-1988
					(lost a 3rd child prematurely)
                                        John Thomas Avery	1903-1965
               ------------>>           Linnie A Avery Owen	1905-
                                        Tressie Murl Avery Deason 1909-

The 1900 census for Catahoula Parishh, vol 9, ed 7, sheet 22, line 47
shows the following:

	     name      rel'ship    born    age     birthplace
	William Avery            Aug 1872  27         La
	 Maggie          w       Dec 1867  32         La
	 Oliver          s       Nov 1893   6         La
	 Mamie           d       Dec 1896   3         La

The 1910 census shows the family in Winn Parish as follows:

	     name       age          born  F    M
	William S Avery  38           La   La   La
	  Maggie         30           La   Ms   Ms
	  William O      16           La   La   La
	  Mamie J        13           La   La   La
	  John            6           La   La   La
	  Linnie A        5           La   La   La
	  Mary J Odom (m-in-l)  66 living with them   ms.

Mary J Odom was Mary Jane McKenzie who had married William Auston Odom.

The first and second generation descendants of the above family are:
	William Oliver Avery 1893-1956,  Pharmicist in Longview, Tx
		1st married to Jessie S Taylor, b 5-1-1896, d 8-14-1926 
			at El Paso, Tx
			--Margaret Alice Avery, b 7-16-1921, d 12-8-1924
			--Wm Oliver Avery, b 3-14-1924, d 2-21-1965 Pasadena
			m to Virginia Thorn
				Wm Oliver Avery III b 10-18-52
				Daniel Edward Avery b 11-25-54
				Thomas Allen Avery b 5-1-58
					William Edward Avery --b 5-14-84
				David Lawrence Avery b 10-22-64

		2nd marriage to Dottie Mae Fowler
			--Paul Avery (insuranc-e sales-Alcoholic) b 4-22-29, 
				d 6-92
				-Anne Avery b 8-19-52, married James Davis 
				-Kathryn Avery b 5-23-54, married Terry 
				Glenn Nealy
					-Kristi Alisa Nealy b 7-5-74
					-Trey Geremy Nealy b 1-4-76
				-Susan Avery b 5-20-56, married James 
				Sinclair George
					-Mary Grace George b 12-4-83
					(second marrieage to M Jhas ??

			--David Earl Avery (Dentist in Plano Tx) b 1-5-32
				married to Joan Patricia Horneyer
				--David Mark Avery b 3-8-53
					-Joan Camile Avery b 10-13-78
					-David Nicholas Avery b 2-20-80
					-Christopher Clayton Avery b 4-18-82
				--Cheryl Anne Avery b 6-23-55, d 6-23-55
				--Stephen Erich Avery b 11-5-57 married Betty
					Jane Boren
					-Cheryl Elisabeth AVery b 10-30-88
					-Stephanie Christine Avery b 12-30-88
					-Erica Patricia Avery b 12-30-88
					-George William Avery b 5-30-90
				--Karen Lee Avery b 10-28-59, married Daivd 
					Paul Phillips
					-Davil Paul Phillips, Jr b 9-25-81
				--Timothy William AVery b 12-29-63

	Mamie Jane Avery 24 Dec 1896, d 2 June 1988
			married Eugene Charley Poole

		--David Eugene Poole, b June 1915, d Dec 1916

		--William Oliver Poole b 20 March 1917

			--Billy Ray Poole, b 26 June 1942 d 21 Nov 1963 auto 
				Accident in New Mexico, he is buried at 
				Alice, Tx

			--George Ann Poole b 16 Aug 1944, m Roy Dwayne Foxx
				-Karise Dawn Foxx, b 9 Jan 1965
				-Roy Dwayne Foxx, Jr b 17 Dec 1965

			--Cynthia Jane Poole, b 27 July 1951, married Rowan 
				-Jennifer Jane Zachry b 7-31-76
				-Cenisa Marie Zachry, b 10-12-84
				-Joel Lee Zachry, b 9-4-87

			--Pricilla Lynn Poole, b 10 Sep 1952, married Glenn 
				Roy Urban
				-Amanda Gayle Urban, b 9-11-78
				-Chelsea Paige Urban, b 10-1-83,

			--Patricia Louise Poole, b 11 Sep 1953,  married Wade 
				-Eric Foster b 7-10-82
				-Andrew Scott Foster, b 6-26-85

		Theodore Garland Poole, b 17 Dec 1919, d 3 or 4 Aug 1944
			(Garland was shot down in WW II in Austria while
			making a raid on Friedrickshaven, Germany--See more 
			details below relating to the War-time crash)

			--Nancy Ann Poole, b 28 Feb 1943, married John 
				Randolph Curry
				-Joyce Kay Curry, b 25 Nov 1963
				-Vickie Lurdine Curry b 10-14-67
				-Randolph Mark Curry  b ??
		Margaret Eugenia Poole, b 7-22-25, married Bernard K Holman
			--Ronnie Holman, b 15 Mar 1951
			--Rodger Holman, b 14 Apr 1953
			--Randy Holman, b 13 Dec 1954

		Richard Stanley Poole b 21 Jan 1934
			--David Eugene Poole, b 8 Jan 1963
			--Richard Garland Poole, b 2 May 1963
			--Timothy Lee Poole, b 22 Jan 1967

	John Avery (1903-1965), San Leandro, Calif
		Pam Avery, b 
		Pat Avery, b 


	Linnie Angieline Avery, b 25 March 1905
		--Arnold Broox Owen, b 17 March 1935, married Laura Elaine 
			--Elizabeth Ann Owen b 11-10-59, Married Steve Miller,
			lives in S'port, La
		--Marvin Edgar Owen, b 20 Oct 1941, married Edlena Ann Lea
			--Kimberly Michele Owen, b 9-30-70, married Stuart 
				Chance, lives Flower Mound, Texas
				--Nicholas Owen Chance, b 4-17-05
				Rachel Elizabeth Chance, b 10-20-09

	Tressie Murl Avery, b 8-2-09 died Kilgore, Tx 4-22-03, married to 
		Leon A "Dick" Deason b ??, died Kilgore, Tx 9-22-62
		--Leon Avery (Dick) Deason b June 23, 1940, married Elizabeth
			Ann Vineyard Feb, 1965 in Edinburg, Tx
			-Frances Ann Deason b 9-20-65 in Kilgore, Tx, 
				married Angus Davis
				--Kara Brittany Davis, b 11-10-89
				--Emily Rene Davis b 5-15-95
				--Heather Ann Davis b 4-23-98
			-Dana Marie Deason b 4-22-70

		--Shala Murl Deason, b 11-21-45, married to Gerald W Pybas
			--Avery Leah Pybas, b ____ married to Chad Marvin Gorman

Crash data in World War II for Theodore Garland Poole
This information is from Cindy Hill ( in 2002)
Her interest in the crash is that her uncle was the tail gunner in the plane
that Garland was piloting and the uncle was a twin brother of Cindy's father.

	Theodore Garland Poole
	2nd Lt, U S Army Air Force
	Serial # 0686593
	15th Air Force
	465th Bomb Group
	782nd Bobm Squadron
	Stationed at Panatella, Italy

Nest of kin was Dorothy L (Richardson) Poole, 5905 Sherman, Houston, Tx

The plane was a B24J Liberator Serial #44-41017
The Missing Air Crew Report is number 7537

On August 3, 1944, the plane left Panatella on a bombing mission to 
Friedrickshaven, Germany.  On the return, it was attacked and crashed on Hohe
Munde (mountain) in Austria.

The crewmembers were:
	Theodore Garland Poole, Pilot
	Bernard Lowenthal, Co-Pilot
	Benjamin Benson, Bombadier
	Weldon Squyres, Radio Operator
	Robert Salmon, Gunner
	Arthur Reents, Gunner
	Oscar Rogers, Gunner
	Albert Hill, Tail Gunner (Uncle of Cindy Hill who provided this data)

Cindy Hill related that Garland either died prior to the crash or upon or due
to his parachute not opening.  His body was found near the crash He was 
missing a leg when his body was found but the German rescue team could not
locate the missing leg.

Albert Hill's body was never recovered.  The other 7 crewmembers were taken
prisoner by the Germans.


-------------------------              ---------------------------
b 3-25-1905 Curry, Winn Parish        / b 6-1-1907   Hico,La
m 2-14-1929 Golddonna, la 
d Sept, 1999 Hico, La                 /  d 4-24-1961  Hico, la

                                    Arnold Broox Owen, Jr (b 3-17-35)
                                    m 1959 Elaine McKinney
                                         Elizabeth Ann Owen Miller-b 1959

       -------ME------->>>>>        Marvin Edgar Owen (b 10-20-1941)
                                    m 1968 Edlena Lea (b 11-6-43)
                                         Kimberly Michele Owen-b 9-30-1970
					     Nicholas Owen Chance, b 4-17-05
					     Rachel Elizabeth Chance, b 10-20-09
                                         Stephen Michael Owen-b 5-19-1974   

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