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The following data was extracted from the Colvin Book published
in 1965 by Baker and Ethelle Colvin.

                                                      /-John Colvin
                                              /-Daniel Colvin
                                             /         \-Hannah Price
                                 /-Jeptha Colvin    /-Jas Huey Sr
                               /            \-Susan Huey
                       /-Thos Colvin                \-unknown mother
                     /         \--Narcissa Rainey
my g-m      -Mary Colvin
                    \--Synthia Sealy

My lineage can be traced as follows:

John Colvin (my gggg g-f)		Hannah Price (gggg g-m)
-------------------------		---------------------------
b abt 1730 Devonshire, Eng		/b before 1755
d June to Sept, 1793, Chester, Sc	/d sometime after June 1793, Sc

John Colvin was born in              Wm Colvin 1762Va, d 1835 Greene Co.,Ala
Devonshire, England.  He was         John Colvin   m Jemima Hardwick
granted a land grant in S. C.        Nicholas Colvin b 1767 d 1839
on June 7, 1774 and he fought  ---->>Daniel Colvin 1777-1850
in the American Revolution           Edward Colvin 1779 SC m Pruitt 
                                     Thomas Colvin abt 1781 m Mobley
                                     Talton abt 1783 d NO 1814 war
It is thought that John Colvin       Rhoda 1771 S.C-marr Cornwall
came to the US in the mid 1700's     Levicy-1773 SC, m Cornwall
as the oldest of 7 brothers.  He     Charlotte-1775 SC m Simpson
settled in Chester Co., SC.          Mary Peggy-1775 m Simpson
                                     Sarah 1777 SC m Trussell

On June 7, 1774, King George III of England made a land grant to John
Colvin for:
	"Two hundred acres in Craven County on the north
	side of Broad River bounding South East and South West
	on John Gwinn and all other sides on vacant land."

John Colvin prepared his last will on June, 1793 and it was probated on
September 24, 1793.  Thus, he would have died during that 4 month period.
His wife Hannah was alive at the time the will was made based on the fact
that John appointed her as executrix of the will.  The will left his
property and slaves to his descendants.

DANIEL COLVIN (my ggg g-f)           SUSANNAH HUEY (Daug of Jas Huey, Sr)
-------------------------            ---------------------------
b  1777  s.c.                        /b   
m  SC                                /m
d 3-24-1850  La--Katie Cem           /d 9-27-1840-Katy Cem

Susannah Huey's father was James Huey.  See Separate HUEY PAGE.


Daniel and his family began the      --->>Jeptha  1794-1868 SC-Texas
long trip to La in 1807 and records       Daniel, Jr m. Sara Huey
indicate that he was one of the first     Susan
settlers to the N La area.  He is         Sarah 1802
noted for founding the town of Vienna     Elizabeth   m Job Johnson
just north of Ruston.  It is said that
the party traveled from S.C. to Kentucky,
then down the Miss R. to Natchez, then
up the Red River to Ouachita to Old
Trenton north of W. Monroe.

At the time Daniel settled at Vienna, La, it was part of Ouachita Parish.
In 1873, parts of Jackson Parish, Bienville Parish, Union Parish and
Claiborne Parishes were bontributed to form Lincoln Parish.

In the early days, Vienna was on the main East-West road in North La
and was a thriving community.  When the railroad was constructed 4
miles south of vienna, business moved to be near the railroad and the
town of Ruston was formed.  The community of Vienna shrank to a mere
crossroads as it is today.

In the listing of assets of Susan Huey, she included 19 black
slaves that were valued in total at $7,550 along with 520 acres of
land for a total estate value in 1840 of $10,752.

From Dill, Harry F. & William Simpson, Some Slaveholders and Their Slaves,
Union Parish, La 1839-1865, Heritage Books, Inc, Bowie, Md:

P 027	Book W, P6:
	Succession of Susan Huey, Jan 1841, died 4 Oct 1840.  Mentions
	Husband Daniel Colvin, Sr., daughter Elizabeth Johnson, wife
	of Job Johnson, and father of James Huey, deceased.  Slaves:
	Charity, 35, and children Rachel, 11, Burr, 9 Mos, Melinda, 7,
	Sarah, 5, Jane, 3, and James 6 mos; Shadrach, 25, Alex, 23, and
	Sun, a girl, 13, sold at auction to Daniel Colvin, Sr;  Lucy, 16, 
	Sophia, 22, and Bill, 20, sold to Jeptha Colvin; Ann, 24, and 
	children, mary 18 mos and Ann, 2 mos sold to Daniel Colvin.

The Pleasant Grove Cemetary in Lincoln Parish includes a grave for
James Huey, b Sept 10, 1800 d Oct 23, 1874 and one for Mary Wyatt,
wife of James Huey b Dec 25, 1806 d Sep 19, 1876.  This James Huey could
be Susan Huey's brother.

After Susan Huey died, Daniel married a woman named Catherine May, who
went by the name of Katy.  The old home place came to be known as the 
Katy place and the family cemetery became known as the Katy Cemetery--
the oldest cemetery in Lincoln Parish.  To get to this cemetery, go
about 1.5 miles north of Vienna and turn right on a parish road.  Go
about 1 mile and the cemetery should be in the woods out to the right.

from page 053 of the above book, 
	Book A, p 339
	Before me, John Taylor, Parish Judge, came Daniel Colvin who
	declares that, in consideration of a marriage contract about
	to take place between him and Catherine May, widow of the late
	William May, he has granted to said Catherine May 2 negro slaves,
	Alex 25 and Sarah, 17.  Dated 1 Sep 1843.  Signed Daniel Colvin,
	signed Catherine May [her mark "x"].

also form page 028
	Book A-1, p 403
	Succession of William D May, Apr 1843, died 29 Aug 1841, mentions
	widow Catherine Guice May, brother John May, James F May, Henry
	May, Stephen D May, Daniel May and Phillip May.  Peter, "a small
	negro boy," was sold to Benjamin May.  Property owned in partnership
	with William May, deceased, and John May, Delcey 20 and children
	Margaret, 3 and Nancy 9 mos; Delphey, 25 and children, Ann, Thomas
	and Sarah, all under 10; Tom, 60, his wife, Fanny, 38, Charles, 39,
	Dave, 25, Henry 30 and harriet 10.  Purchased by Catherine Guice May
	were Simon, 40 and Charity 40.

At the Katy graveyard, there is a grave of Eliza A, wife of John Huey Jr,
born April 12, 1818, died Spet 15, 1858, aged 40 yr 5 mo 3 da.  This 
John Huey  Jr must be related to Susan Huey.

The 1820 census for Ouachita Parish shows:
Daniel Colvin          1 M under 10
                       1 M 18-26
                       1 M 45 or over
                       1 F 18-26

JEPTHA COLVIN (Jeb) my (gg g-f)		NARCISSA RAINEY   (gg g-m)
------------------------- 		---------------------------
b  1794- SC				/b  1802
m  6-1-1817 in Ouachita Par, La
d  1868 +- Newton Texas			/d  1861-Katy Cem, Vienna, La

When the Civil War began in 1861      Eliza Colvin
Jeptha sold his properties and        David Colvin 1820-1859
moved to Texas.                       Maria Colvin
                                --->> Thomas (Couey) Colvin
The Rainey family came with the       William D Colvin
Colvins in 1807 when they first       Mary Ann Colvin 1834-1838
settled in Vienna, La                 Sarah Ann Colvin 1836-1838
                                      Jeptha Colvin, Jr
                                      Rhoda Colvin

Jeptha was the first postmaster in Vienna and built his residence on the 
East-West road.  Since the telegraph company had strung its first wires 
along that road, it became known as the Old Wire Road.

Narcissa Rainey's parents were William Rainey b abt 1756 Va and Mary
b abt 1753 VA.  The marriage license in Ouachita Parish, June 17, 1817,
Conveyance Book F, P 34, mentions that Narcissa is the minor daughter 
of William Rainey.

After Narcissa's death, Jeptha moved to Newton, Texas and remarried to
Amanda Smith.  He died there in about 1868.

The 1820 Census for Ouachita Parish shows: 
Jeptha Colvin     1 M under 10
                  1 M 18-26
                  1 M 45 or over
                  1 F 16-18

The 1850 Census for Jackson Parish shows:
Jeptha Colvin     M 54       Farmer born SC
Narcissa          F 48              born SC
Thomas            M 24       Merchant    La
John              M 21       Farmer      La
Rody              F 12                   La

The 1860 Census for Jackson Parish, P.O. Vienna shows
                                   RE    Other    Born
Jeptha Colvin     62    Farmer   36,000 10,000     SC
Narcissa Colvin   58    Domestic                   NC
Roda Colvin       18                               La

------------------------- 		---------------------------
b  8-9-1823				/b 4-23-1836  Tenn.
m  10-23-1856
d  12-7-1883				/d 9-22-1916   
                                          (Unionville Cem)

                                           Fannie Colvin
                                           James T Colvin
                                           Thomas Ralph Colvin
                                           Sarah Annie Colvin
                                   ----->> Mary Lou Colvin

The 1860 Census for Jackson Parish, Vienna p 31 taken on 9-25-
1860 shows

Thomas Colvin        38    Farmer   $ 3.500 $ 400     La
Cintha Colvin        22                               Tenn
Francis               3                               La
James                 1                               La

The 1880 Census for Bienville Parish shows

Thomas Colvin      WM 58               La
Cynthia            WF 42               Tenn
Ralph              WM 19               La
Anna               WF 11               La
Mary               WF 7                La

I have found very little relating to the Sealy family.  However,
the 1860 Census for Jackson Parish, Vienna p 20 listed a possible relative
as the following:

Obedia Sealy       38    Farmer    35,000 5,000    SC
Jane HW            30                              SC
Levi D             14                              SC
Narcissa C         12                              SC
Sarah AC           10                              SC
Robt C              5                              SC
Eliza F             3                              La
James RP           10/12                           La

(Farmer, Hico, La)
------------------------		--------------------------
b  2-13-1878, La			/b 1-8-1873
m  12-7-1898, La
d  6-30-1967, La			/ d 8-23-1941 La
	(They are both buried at Henry Cem at Dubach, La)

                                Thomas Lafaette Owen 1899-
                                Annie Lucille Owen Moncrief 1902-
                                Jessie Mae Owen Hammonds 1905-
                      ------>>  Arnold Broox Owen 1907-1961

My grandmother died soon after I was born so I did not get to know her.  I
visited with my grandfather a number of times and even spent one summer
with him in about 1955.  He went by the name of Pink.

-------------------------		--------------------------
b  6-1-1907, Hico, La			/b 3-25-1905, Curry, Winn Par, La
m  2-14-1929, Goldonna, La
d  4-24-1961, Lake Charles, La		/d still living but in nursing home
	(Dad is buried at Henry Cem, Dubach, La)

                                  Arnold Broox Owen, Jr
                         ---me-->> Marvin Edgar Owen

Both parents were college graduates in education and taught in N
La and E Texas.  During the oil boom in E Texas in the late 
1930's, they moved from N La to Longview, Texas where Arnold
worked for Delta Drilling Co.  He was transferred to Lake Charles,
La in 1952 where he died in 1961.

Both sons graduated from La Tech in 1956 and 1963, respectively.

-------------------------		---------------------------
b 10-21-41, Longview, Texas		/b 11-6-43, N.O., La
m  2-21-65, Baton Rouge, La
d  -----				/d -----

                                Kimberly Michele Owen (9-30-70)
                                Stephen Michael Owen  (5-19-74)

Marvin is a practicing CPA and Attorney in Baton Rouge, La.
Ed was a junior high school teacher of English.
Kimberly has married Stuart Chance and presently lives in 
Arlington, Texas where she is a social worker with an MSW degree.
Stephen is into music and recording and is a student at LSU.

You can reach me by e-mail at: Rouge, La

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