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JoAnn Dillon married Jerimiah Smith in SC in 1798.  One of their children
was Hollander Smith who married Benjamin Blades which is my wife's lineage.
The known Dillon line is as follows:

----------------------			-----------------
b 					b 
m 1737, Cork, Ireland
d prior to 1759					d 

			--->	Richard Dillon	

James must have died prior to 1759 as on January 23 of that year, Richard
Dillon was ordered "bound as an apprentice to Christopher Harrison until 
about the age of be taught the business of a cooper..." (Bertie
County Court Minutes, Vol 1761-1769).  He must have been freed from his
indenture prior to 1768.

----------------------			-----------------
b Oct 7, 1745, Norfolk Va		b 
m by 1776
d 1833, Pike Cty, Ms			d 

Richard enlisted in the Patriot Militia under Capt John Faulk.

hIn 1781, he again saw service as an enlistee on the vessel "Greyhound"
a privateersman commanded by Samuel Butler.  With the capture of that
vessel, he was made a prisoner on the English frigate "Baloosa" which
carried 36 guns and was commanded by a Captain Kennedy, a Scotsman.  After
a nine-month imprisonment, he again returned to Bertie County.

Richard showed up in the 1790 census in Barnwell District, SC and
in the 1800 census, he was in Pike Cty, Ms.

				Lawrence Dillon
			--->	JoAnn Dillon--m Jerimiah Smith
				Nancy Ann Dillon--m John Stallings
				Clarkson Dillon
				Willis Dillon
				Mary Dillon m Salathial Morris
				Theophilus Dillon
				Clara Dillon

Theophilus Dillon's daughter, Conseta Dillon, married James Bolton Morris, 
a son of Benjamin Morris and Sarah Bolton.  That line is further documented
at the MORRIS page.

Richard Dillon recorded a cattle brand in Marion County, Conveyance Book A,
page 11 as:

	"Richard Dillin, Ear mark, a crop in the right ear and
	a half-moon above-- a crop in the left and a half-moon
	below.   Branded RD.
	Recorded 24 June 1812"

----------------------			-----------------
b Dec 23, 1773				b Aug 22, 1778, NC
m 1798, Sc
d 					d 

				Hollander Smith

To continue this line, see the SMITH page followed by the BLADES page.

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