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I have an interest in the family of Whitmel H Hardy who lived in
Clay County, Ala from about 1850 to his death in 1906.  My interest
is that his daughter, Nancy, married an Owen which has turned out
to be my g g-f and g g-m.

Some of the records I have on the Hardy background were obtained from 
Barbara Lunday Maxwell of Burleson, Tx (  She 
is descended from John Henry Hardy whereas I descended from his sister,
Nancy Hardy.  The HARDY mailing list from on the 
internet has been an invaluable source of data including the assistance 
from Martha Marble and from Belinda Melton Hughes Hughes, and her pages on the families of Hardy, Parrott, etc at:
Belinda Melton Hughes' pages.

The data that I have begins a long time ago.  First, I will show you an
ancestor chart from John Hardy in Wales down to Whitmel Hardy and then 
this page will present the descendants of Whitmel Hardy.  For anyone 
needing more details, contact me direct and I can supply them.

The Hardy Ancestral line looks like this:

                                                             /---Anthony Hardy
                                              /-- John Hardy       (Wales)
                                            /     1638 (Eng)
                                    /--William Hardy         \---mother unk
                                   /  1660 Chowan Co NC
                                  /         \          /---Gabriel O'Dwyer
                   Lemuel (Lamb) Hardy        \-- Charity O'Dwyer
                     /b 1707 NC                        \---Mary ______
                    /  d Bertie NC
                   /               \
                |Jessie Hardy, Sr    \         /---Richard Batchelor
                |      b c 1750        \--Edith Fewox
                |      d c 1827                \
                |  \                            \--Ann Biggs
                |    \
                |      \            
                |        \          /--Francis Parrott
                |          \      /
                |      Elizabeth Parrott
                |                 \
                |                   \--Frances Johnson
Thomas          |
Owen            |
       Whitmel H Hardy
Nancy   |       b 1820 Lincoln Cty, Ga    
Hardy<--|       d 1907 Clay Cty, Ga                             / John Jeter
                |                                           / Thomas Jeter
                |                                  /Oliver Jeter
                |                                 / B 1742   \ Winifred P
                |                  /James Jeter     D 
                |                 /     B 1769-1776            / Wm Jennings,Sr
                |                /      D aft 1830 \        /  Wm Jennings, Jr
                |               /                    \Mary Jennings
                |----Nancy Jeter                            \   Agnes Dickerson
                                b 1796 Linc Cty, Ga
                                D 1881 Clay Cty, Ala


-------------------			--------------------------------
b 1605 England				b 
d 1665 Pembroke, Wales			d 

				John Noble Hardy

JOHN NOBLE HARDY			EMILY PARKER (daug of James H Parker)
-------------------			--------------------------------
b 1638 Pembroke, Wales			b 
d 					d 

			---->	John Hardy
				Anthony Hardy b Jan 7, 1666
				Thomas Hardy, b England
				Joseph Hardy, b England

JOHN HARDY				CHASTITY O'DYER (daug of Gab & Mary)
-------------------			--------------------------------
b Oct 7 1665 Dorchestershire, Eng	b ENG
m 1695 Bertie Co, NC
d Jan 19, 1718-19 Chowan Co, NC		d BEF 1719 Bertie Co, NC

			---->	William Hardy
				Mary hardy b bef 1695 Dor. Eng, d NC m Hinton
				Thomas Hardy b before 1695 Dorchester, Eng
				Jacob hardy b bef 1695 Dorchesther, Eng
				John Hardy II b 1690 Dor Eng, d Feb 1718-19 NC

						Batchelor and Ann Biggs)
-------------------			--------------------------------
b 1693 Eng				b b bef 1660 Norfolk, Va
m bef 1714 Scuppernong, NC
d c 1751, Bertie Co NC			d c 1750 Bertie Co, NC

				Edward Hardy b NC, d aft 1784
				Jesse Hardy b NC d NC
			---->	Lemuel "Lamb" Hardy
				Robert Hardy b1775NC d1783NC 
				William Hardy II d bef 1784 m Sarah Parrott
				Samuel Hardy
				Mary Hardy b 1710 m c 1750 Henry Cobb
				Ann Hardy m Moses Newbern
				Charity Hardy m Thomas Todd
				John hardy
				Edith Hardy m William Keeter

-------------------			--------------------------------
b 					b 
d 					d 

				Edward Hardy b 1737 NC, d 1819 Ga m Weston
				Elizabeth Hardy b 1743 NC d 1795 NC m Speight
				Humphrey Hardy b 1740 NC d 1810 NC m Collins
			---->	Jesse Hardy
				John Hardy b 1746 NC d 1783 NC m Sarah Sutton
				William Hardy b 1729 NC d 1790 NC Sarah Sowell
				Benjamin Hardy b 1732 NC d 1790 NC N A Howell
				Frances Hardy b 1734 NC d 1802 NC m Capehart
				-- Hardy m John Bowen, Jr
				Anna hardy d 1787 m John Crickett
				Lemuel Hardy II b 1730 NC d 1797 NC m Sutton

See separate page for Parrott Family Lineage.

Whitmill's father was Jessie Hardy (   d 1826).  He had a prior marriage to
Elizabeth ___ and several children from that marriage as follows:
			John C Hardy b 1773
			Elizabeth hardy b 1775
			Jesse Hardy, Jr b 1776
			Miles Hardy b 1777
			Susannah hardy b 1778
			Edward hardy b 1781
			Nancy Hardy b 1782
			James Hardy b 1784
			Conelius Hardy b 1786
			Judith Hardy b 1788
			Josiah Hardy b 1790
			Sophia Hardy b 1792
			Aquilla Hardy b 1794

Jesse later married Nancy Jeter, which is my line, as follows:

JESSIE HARDY				NANCY JETER  (Dau of James Jeter
						and Martha Jennings)
-------------------			--------------------------------
b 1744 Bertie co NC			b 29 Feb 1796
m 1820 Ga
d 1826 (Lincoln Cty, Ga)		d 24 March 1881, Clay Cty Ala

				Whitmel H Hardy Sep 22, 1920
				Dicey Hardy 

Side comments on Dicey Hardy:   She married Benjamin F Hopkins 9 Dec 1845 
in Talladega Cty Ala marriage Book A 1834-1846. As per data provided to me
in August, 2002 by, the husband's full name was Benjamin
Franklin Hopkins and they were actually married on Dec 10, 1845.  Dicey must
have died prior to 1880 because the 1880 census shows Hopkins remarried in
1868 to Angeleine "Ann" Gurley.  The 1860 census for Talladega Co, Ala shows:
		---1860 Census---
	Hopkins, b age 10 brn Ga (NC?)
		D (Dicie) age 40 brn SC
		J Dau age 12
		W dau age 10
		J dau age 8
		A dau age 6
		W son age 4
		J son age 3
		S Edwards age 70 f brn SC
		S Mager age 50 Male brn SC

The 1880 census shows (20 years later) shows additional children of Dicey, 
even though she was then deceased and Hopkins had remarried:

		---1880 Census---
	Hobpins, B.F. age 69
		Angeline age 45 SC
		Louisa dau age 17  (dau of Dicey)
		William son age 16 (son of Dicey)  (ancestor of Gmjerkins@AOL)
		Alvirus dau age 8
		James V son age 21 (son of Dicey)
		Elizabeth dau-in-law age 21

Jessie Hardy was an older man (age 70) when he married Nancy who was in 
her early 20s.  Jessie died when Nancy was about age 30 and she remarried
Shadrick Gaither in Sept, 1827.
For more data on Nancy Jeter Hardy Gaither after her marriage to Shadrick and up to her death in Clay Cty, Ala in 1881, see her page.

Whitmill H HARDY (gg g-f)		JULYANN LOUISE BAREFIELD  (gg g-m)
-------------------- 			---------------------- 
b Dec 22-1827 GA			/b 12-26-1827 GA (Lincoln Cty)
m Nov 15, 1820
d 8-30-1906				/d 6-  -1884
both are buried Old City Cemetary, Lineville, Ala
Campbell Cty, Ga Marriage Book B 1839-1865

Julyann's parents were John Barefield and Annie Parker and it appears that her
grandparent was Solomon Barfield of Georgia.  See separate page for the
Barfield Family Lineage

The children of Whitmel and Julyann were:

	1.James Marion Hardy (b 26 May 1844 Campbell Cty, Ga, d 26 Apr 1928, 
		Clay Cty, Ala).  Married Nancy E Payne 3 June 1886, Clay
		Cty, Ala.  James served in the Civil War in the 7th Ala
		Regt Cav Co H.  He lived at Delta, Ala.  The cemetery record
		for Delta Cemetery shows:
			Hardy, Nancy E.		25 Jun 1851	15 Jul 1921
				J.M.		26 May 1844	26 Apr 1928
				Arlis Jane	 6 Sep 1891	 9 Feb 1892

			At the same Delta Cem, there is the family of
			Cecil E Hardy b 1 Jun 1892  and
			Owen K Hardy b 11 Apr 1887.  Connections to the
			above family have not yet been made.

	2.John Henry Hardy (b 12 June 1846 Lineville, Randolph Cty, Ala, d 
		11 Oct 1884 at Dubach, La).  He married Margaret Elizabeth
		Mary-Molly Smith on 1 Jan 1865 in Lineville, Ala.  There
		children were:
		--Nealy T, MD b 19 July 1866
		--Ella Francis b 14 Nov 1868 d 11 Jan 1945 in Conroe, Texas
			 m James Buchanon Fuller in Union Parish, La
		--Etta E, b Oct 1870, died young
		--James W Hardy b 10 Feb 1873   (one of these brothers is  )
		--J W Dee b 15 Feb 1875		(buried at Henry Cem,Dubach)
			There is a tombstone at Henry Cemetery as follows:
				James W Hardy
				Feb 10, 1875
				Aug 7, 1930

		--Anna Cora Hardy, b 5 Sept 1876
			married Walter Wyatt Herring.  Anna's
			granddaughter is Barbara Lunday Maxwell, 
			a Hardy researcher in Ft Worth, Texas
		--Jessie J Hardy, b 25 Oct 1879
		--Willie T, b 18 May 1881

		According to his widow's pension application in Texas, John
		Henry fought in the Civil War with Co E, 62nd Reg, Lockhart's
		Bat of the Alabama Infantry.  He was wounded in 1864 at 
		Spanish Fort, Ala.  He enlisted in the army at age 16.

	3.Jessie J Hardy (b 1848, Randolph Cty, Ala) m about 1873 in Clay Cty,
		Ala to Sallie W. (unknown)

mine-->	4.Nancy A (Nannie) Hardy (b 9 Dec 1850, Randolph Cty, Ala, d 4 Dec
		1915, Dubach, La) married about 1866 in Clay Cty, Ala to
		that irresistible Thomas Florence (Jack) Owen.  Their
		Children were:
		--James Wesley Owen (b 1868, Clay Cty, Ala, d  Louisiana)
		--Wm T Owen (b 1871, Clay Cty, Ala, d 1948 Louisiana)
		--Mary E Owen (b 1873, La, drown 1875 in a bucket of water
		--Wiley Whit Owen (b 1876, La,  d  La)
		--Jesse Pink Owen (b 1878, La, d La)
		--Lula Nancy Owen (b 1880, La)
		--Infant son (b & d 20 Jul 1883)
		--Robert R Owen (b 1885 La)
		--John Calvin Owen  (1887 La, d 1880 La)

	5.Marge J Hardy (b abt 1852, Randolph Cty, Ala)

	6.Mary Hardy (b abt 1854, Randolph Cty, Ala)

	7.William J Hardy (b abt 1856, Randolph Cty, Ala)  m 4 Oct 1876 to 
		Sarah L Barnhill in Lineville, Clay Cty, Ala.  Sarah (Sallie)
		was born Feb 1862 and died 1941.  Her parents were Lelander
		Barnhill (17 Oct 1814-5 Sep 1889) and Elizabeth Walston (1823-
		22 Apr 1889)

	8.Dicey E Hardy (b Oct 1857 Randolph Cty, Ala)  m 2 Nov 1876 to 
		Thomas M Reeves at Lineville, Clay Cty, Ala

	9.Jacob K Hardy (b Feb 1860, Randolph Cty, Ala, d 1945 Clay Cty, Ala)
		m 10 Oct 1881 to alice F McClintock in Clay Cty, Ala

	10.Sarah Melissa Sallie Hardy (b Feb 1862, Clay Cty, Ala, d Texas?)
		m 29 Oct 1879 to William Mceagor Arnett in Clay Cty, Ala)
		probably buried in area of Lubbock, Texas
		--James Marion Arnette b Feb 1, 1880 Clay Cty, Ala
		--Octavie lougenia Arnett, b 4-1883 Ala, d Jun 16, 1969
			m John McDonald
		--Harvey Sylvester Arnette, b Jan 1885, m Effie L Dean
		--Louana E Arnett, b Nov 1886, Jones Co, Tx, m Arthur Dean
		--Hattie Arnett, b 1888
		--Stacie Lea Arnett, b May 1890, Clay Cty, Ala, m Alvin Dean
		--Berta Irente Arnette, b 1902, Jones Cty, Tx, m Chs Yarbourgh

	11.Elvira Hardy (b Apr 1867 Clay Cty, Ala)  m 29 Nov 1887 to James D
		Jeter in Lineville, Clay Cty, Ala

	12.Roxey A Hardy (b Mar 25,1868, Clay Cty, Ala, died Nov 20, 1948)
		Temple, Tx, buried at Hillcrest Cemetery.  She married 
		T J Jenkins b June 1, 1848 Clay Cty, Ala, died Dec 3, 1924
		Temple, Tx.  The Jenkins went to Temple Tx from Clay Cty
		Ala in the first year of that town's history in 1881.  He
		was in the grocery business, retiring in 1905.  He was one
		of the first members of the Baptist Church in Temple and was
		an active member in the Masonic Lodge No 401.  They had
		three sons and four daughters.  The plot in Hillcrest Cem
			TJ Jenkins	June 1, 1848	Dec 3, 1924
			Roxie Jenkins	Mar 25, 1868	Nov 20, 1948
			Vera Etta Daugh of TJ and RA Dec 13, 1898 May 18, 1899
			Henry K Orgain 1870-1931
			Berta J Orgain 1894-1973

		The above data on Roxie Hardy was provided by Nancy Graff
		Kelsey from her publication NOTES ON BELL COUNTY TEXAS
		by Michael Wayne and Nancy Graff Kelsey.

	13.L O Hardy (b abt 1871, Clay Cty, Ala)


I found an 1850 census for Randolph county (prior to Clay County 
being formed) for the community at Lineville, Ala showing the 
following data about the Hardy Family:

                           ---Values of ---
                           real     personal
     name       age       estate    estate      born

William H Hardy  28 Farmer  300                 Ga
  Julia Hardy    25                             Ga
  James           6                             Ala
  John            4                             Ala
  Jese            2                             Ala
  Nancy         1/12                            Ala

The above census was taken in Dec, 1850, the month that Nancy was

The 1860 census listed on p 577 under Rodckdale PO in Randolph
county, Ala shows:

     Name         Age   Sex      Occup    RE   Per Assts   Born
     W H Hardy     38     M     Farmer    $1,400 $500       GA
     G H Hardy     35     F     H wife                      Ga
     James M Hardy 16     M     Farmer                      Ga
     John H Hardy  14     M                                 Ala
     Jesse         12     M                                 Ala
     Nancy A Hardy 10     F                                 Ala
     Marg J Hardy   8     M                                 Ala
     W J Hardy      6     M                                 Ala
     J R Hardy     8/12   m                                 Ala

By 1870, Clay County had been formed and the listing of the Hardy
family at Lineville showed for Clay County, Ala, p 270 B, post
office of Lineville:

                           ---Values of ---
                           real     personal
     name       age       estate    estate      born
W H Hardy       48 farmer   800      1190        Ga
 Julia AL       42                               Ga
 James M        25 store clerk        250        Ga
 Jessie J       21                               Ala
 Mary           16                               Ala
 Wm J           14 works on farm                 Ala
 Dicy           12                               Ala
 Jacob          10 at home                       Ala
 Sarah           8                               Ala
 Elvini          6                               Ala
 Roxey           4                               Ala

The records of the Old City Cemetery in Lineville, Ala lists
headstones for:

WH Hardy                        JAL Hardy
g 2-22-1820 d 8-30-1906         b 12-26-1827 d 6-  -1884

The confederate records of burials in Lineville Cemetery shows WH
Hardy as a private in Co H, 7th Alabama Cavalry.   It also shows
James M Hardy b 5-26-1844 d 5-21-1907 as a private in the Spring of
1863 in co H 7th Alabama Reg Cavalry.

Of interest from the Owen family standpoint, the cemetery also
holds an Owen K Hardy (1885-1969).

Clay County marriage index for 1872-1877 shows:
P 300 Wm J Hardy married to Sallie Barnwell 10-2-1876

P 307 Ths M Reaves married to Disey E Hardy on 11-2-1876
     at the residence of WH Hardy

Whitmill's second marriage was to Lucinderilla ___ on Sept 17, 1885.
Whitmill and Lucinderilla show up in the 1900 census for Clay County.
She later remarried William Smith on Jun 23, 1910 after Whitmill's death.

As to Nancy Hardy in my line----

By 1870, Nancy Hardy had already married Thomas Florence (Jack)
Owen and was living in the area of Lineville, Ala.

                   Nancy Hardy's brother, John Henry
                   Hardy (6-12-1846 to 10-11-1884) is buried
                   at Henry Cemetery at Dubach, Louisiana.  He was
                   married to Molly (10-30-1844  to 3-13-1938). 
                   Their children were James and Jessie Hardy.

                   A sister, Roxie Hardy (b 1868+- married a
                   Jenkins and lived in Temple, Texas.  It is
                   said that Roxie last saw Nan at about age
                   2 when Nan moved to La.  Thus, the move
                   would have been in the early 1870's.  It
                   is said that Nan went back to visit in Ala

The 1870 census shows Jack and Nancy Owen living in Lineville,
Alabama in the vicinity of the Hardy family at page 237 as follows:

                           ---Values of ---
                           real     personal
     name       age       estate    estate      born

Owen, T F       21         -0-       30         Ga
     Nancy      19                              Ga
     James       3                             Ala

This record indicates that Jack must have been about 16-17 when he
and Nancy were married and Nancy was about 14-15.  Since James was
3 years old, Jack must have moved to Ala prior to 1867 which is
in line with the prior comment that they moved in 1860-1862.

Jack's family was listed in the 1880 census in Union County, Ark
as follows:

  name         comment        age
Thomas F      Farmer          32
 Nancy A      keeping H       28
 James W      at school       12
 William      at school        9
 Wiley W                       4
 Jesse P                       2
 Nancy L                       4 mos

The 1900 census for Lincoln Parish, La  showed the following:

  name        relation       age
Jackson Owens   head         52
 Nannie A       wife         49
 Lula N          D           20
 Robert R        S           15
 Callie J        S           13

This census noted that Jack and Nancy had
been married 34 years which would put their marriage
at about 1866 in Ala or about a year or two
before their son James was born.

The 1910 Census for Lincoln Parish, La ED 78, Sheet 25 shows:

  name         relation       age
Thomas Owen                   62
 Nancy A        wife          52
 John C          S            23
 Maggie J    D-in-L           21
 Emma L       Grnd-D          10

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